how long have you been doing hair?

10 years! I can hardly believe it’s been that long!

how can i book a class with you?

Check out to find out more!

how can I book an appointment with you?

Currently I am not accepting new clients, however, I do post openings on my instagram and I have a waitlist. You can call SALT hair to be put on my waitlist! 1.203.439.0172


What’s your favorite balayage lightener?

Scruples Clay baby!!!

what are your favorite styling products?

I love Davines Dry Texture Spray, ALL the VERB products, Nuema Smoothing Cream, IGK Hot Girls shampoo and conditioner.

What are some of your favorite glossing formulas?

Redken Shades EQ

Caramel on a brunette - 6G + 7NB

Icey Blonde - 9V + 9P + 9T + CLEAR

Champagne Blonde - 9RB + 9G